Management Team

Mr. Yohane Kaduma

Managing Director

Mr. Adam Kamanda

Director of Business Development

Ms. Doreen Mangesho

Director of Finance and Administration

Mr. Tamim Amijee

Director of Agribusiness Innovation Centre

Mr. Hagai Maleko

Finance Manager

Ms. Safia Mbamba

Manager Monitoring and Evaluation

Mr. Robert Lawuo

Risk Management and Quality Assurance Manager

Ms. Glorie Mballa

Human Resource and Administration Manager

Mr. Dickson Hyera

Audit and Risk Manager

Dickson Pangamawe

Business Development Manager

ICT Manager

Business Development Manager

Ms. Hadija Seif

Zonal Manager - Tabora

Geofrey Mtawa

Zonal Manager – Mwanza

Faustine Paul Mungo

Zonal Manager – Arusha

Ms. Vailet Aaron

Zonal Manager - Songea

Ms. Langelika Kalebi

Zonal Manager – Morogoro

Mr. Emilian Barongo

Zonal Manager - Mbeya