Feasibility studies

PASS Trust has expertise for performing feasibility studies in agribusiness projects.

This includes analyzing and appraising potential projects in farming, animal keeping, fishery, upstream as well as downstream agribusiness value chain, including crop processing.

Clients considering given projects may engage PASS Trust for detailed analyses of the projects after which a feasibility report is issued, advising on acceptability of the project.

Business planning

For efficient business management in long term perspectives and in short term considerations, proper business plans need to be documented.

In business planning service PASS Trust analyses business ideas and develops bankable business plans for agribusiness projects.

Capacity building

This comprises of training programs to agribusiness entrepreneurs on various development needs as identified from time to time. Typical of those areas include financial literacy, Good Agricultural Practices, small business management skills, formation of farmers groups and the like.

Contract farming

PASS Trust links farmers and potential buyers of specified crops for business. The two may enter into contracts where farmers produce with a contract to sell to the buyers as per signed contracts.

Such contracts have been entered into in crops such as maize, sunflower and others of specific needs.