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The Private Agricultural Sector Support Trust (PASS) is a facility established in the year 2000 in order to stimulate investment and growth in commercial agriculture and related sectors. It was registered in 2007 as non profit making and non governmental organization under the Trustees Incorporation Act, 2002 and is taxed as charitable organization.

PASS is an innovative agrifinance development institution that improves the quality of life for small-scale agribusiness entrepreneurs.

To facilitate access to financial and business development services for agribusiness entrepreneurs in Tanzania.

  1. Small and medium Agribusiness entrepreneurs’ capacity to access financial products and services increases.
  2. Financial Service Providers capacity to better serve agribusiness entrepreneurs increases
  3. Relationship between agribusiness and financial service providers strengthens.
  4. PASS operates efficiently and sustainably.


Msolwa ‘A’, is a village situated in Kilombero District, Morogoro region. Msolwa Ujamaa is Managed by village committee which consist of three committees namely Finance and Economic Planning which comprise 7 members and chaired by Mr Vitani Maria, Community Development include 10 members and chaired by Ms Consolata Raina and Security Committee which has 5 members and chaired by Mr Robert Songela.

Before PASS support the village was owning 359 acres farm [with a title deed], two tractors (Mahindra and MF make bought in 2014) with trailers, rigger, plough and harrow, 1 motor bicycle, 4 bicycles, office with furniture and six rooms, dispensary, generator.

PASS supported the Village to access term loan for sugarcane production on 150 acres farm out of 359 acres farm located in Msolwa, Kilombero. Thus, the loan had made the village to invest more on a sugarcane production business that has resulted into increase productivity from previous 20 MT per acre to 45 MT per acre. The client was financed by CRDB Plc through PASS Guarantee since 2015 TZS 150 million and 2017 TZS 150 million and 2018 TZS 60 million

After PASS support and utilization of the bank loan, the following have been successful achieved by Msolwa Ujamaa Village

  1. Build the street road. The village is accessible in every angle
  2. Build modern football play ground in the village
  3. Increase availability of clean water in every street of the village
  4. Build village secondary school
  5. Increased sugarcane production from 150 acres to 300 acres

Is an agribusiness company whose establishment started as an idea from the realized need of huge demand of quality fish products. The company has its offices in Mwanza and their market includes individuals, hotels and traders located in Mwanza and Magu district. The company has technical professionals in fish farming with long time experiences in aquaculture and Fish processing. The company has been in aquaculture operation since 2016, producing tilapia under pond model system. In 2018 Kwizera Investment Co Ltd has planted 30,000 fish.

Their 1.2ha farm has two fish ponds, standby generator, feed processing machine, water pump, solar power, water tanks, buildings and one vehicle.

With PASS support, the company has improved their fish farming activities by importing improved fingerling and quality fish feed from Mauritius as well as investment in cage farming. They have also purchased engine boat and funding investment in cage fish farming and operation expenses using credit facility that was supported by PASS Guarantee.

To-date, Kwizera Investment Co Ltd has developed a state of the art Cage Fish farm in Lake Victoria at Nyambilo gulf by adopting modern cage farming technology as a viable opportunity of scaling up his farm’s output.

The project has created employment to 5 permanent staff and more than 20 people working as casual laborer’s, moreover the project has increased the availability of fish in the region and country as whole and reduce importation of tilapia fish. Furthermore, the company plans to provide trainings to young people who are willing to start cage farming.

Mr. Nditiyai R. Leng’arua of Monduli, Arusha is a farmer with over 15 years’ experience in production of maize and beans at Lemooti village in Monduli district, Arusha region. He owns 50 acres of farm located at Lemooti village in Monduli district.

PASS Trust has supported Mr Nditiyai Leng’arua to purchase a tractor in 2018. PASS Trust has prepared business plan and subsequent financial linkage for tractor purchase and guarantee his loan from PASS partner Bank.

Mr. Nditiyai purchased brand new tractor (John Deere 5042C TRAC BASE MC_EXPORT) using bank loan which had PASS guarantee. The tractor is used to intensify his farming and meets farming targets in time.

Through PASS support as guarantor of his loan, Mr. Nditiyai has purchased a tractor and been able to increase the scale of farming from 30 acres per season to 90 acres in the farming season of 2018/19. Apart from this Mr Nditiyai has also helped his Maasai community with his tractor hiring services whereby he has provided tractor hiring services to more than 55 farmers where over 700 acres has been serviced with his tractor. Furthermore, Mr Nditiyai has employed two permanent tractors operators for running and taking care of his tractor.

Tractor has improved Mr. Nditiyai’s farming activities which has increased crop productivity from 8 bags of maize per acre to 20 bags of maize in same acre and thus yield him high returns which has enabled him to build a new residential house that is within a Maasai boma at Loksale village.

PASS Trust has support Tembo Posho Mill by providing credit guarantee backing an additional overdraft that was used as additional working capital to facilitate the purchase of 80 tons of lentils and funding their operational cost

Through PASS support, the promoter has managed to expand his processing capacity and operations through acquisition of factory building hence shifted his processing operations from rented place, he also acquired two motor vehicles for products distribution. Also the promoter has increased selling networks where four selling outlets were opened in Simiyu, Morogoro, Shinyanga and Dar es Salaam.

Moreover, before PASS intervention, the business had sales revenue worth TZS 371 million but after PASS intervention sales revenue has increased to TZS 1.74 billion per annum. Furthermore, before PASS intervention the company had a total number of 10 employees but now the promoter has 32 permanent employees and more than 50 people working as casual labor.

The business is providing market opportunities to more than 600 small holder farmers engaging in production of maize, rice and lentils. Number of small holder farmers is three times the number of the beneficiaries he was working with before PASS intervention.

Kikundi cha Wakulima Madaba (KIWAMA) established in 2006 and registered in 1st February 2006 with three affiliate groups having total number of 36 members out of which 24 men and 12 women. Currently it has 35 affiliate groups with total number of 590 members. The primary objective of the association is economic development of the member’s societies through agriculture production and joint marketing of their produce.

Kiwama group was supported by PASS to access credit facility from one of the partner Banks. The association was one of the beneficiaries of the Farm to Market Alliance [FtMA] which is coordinated by World Food Program (WFP) where producers (groups) obtain loan from a bank to fund cost of purchase of maize inputs. The aim of the project is to offer mechanisms for smallholder farmers to receive the appropriate information, investment and support from seed to the market.

KIWAMA group borrowed on behalf of 35 groups with 289 members with approximately 2,114 acres of maize.

After PASS support, KIWAMA group manage to follow proper crop calendar and used improved inputs using credit facilities which were backed by PASS guarantee. This has increased their yield to 6,575 Kilogram per hectare from less than 3,000 Kilogram per hectare. The group also managed to increase farming area and now cultivates beans as well.

From the sales of maize in 2017/18 season, the group are planning to build warehouse that has a capacity to store 5,000 tons. In 2017/2018 number of farmers’ beneficiaries has increased from 289 to 444.

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