About Us

Pass Trust

PASS Trust is an organization established in 2000 as a project by the Government of Tanzania under the Danish Government’s Agricultural Support Program, and started operations in 2002, where in 2007 after achievements of the project, it was officially registered as the PASS Trust, with its main task being empowerment of the agricultural, livestock and fisheries sector through credit guarantee and agribusinesses development services to entrepreneurs and small financial institutions.

PASS Trust is currently a unique institution in Tanzania that works as one amongst the existing funds and programs under the National Economic Empowerment Council (NEEC) which focuses on agribusiness credit guarantee services through various financial institutions in the country and building capacities to those involved in agribusiness value chains.


Our Goals

  1. Small and medium Agribusiness entrepreneurs’ capacity to access financial products and services increases.
  2. Financial services provider capacity to better serve agribusiness entrepreneurs increases.
  3. Relationship between agribusiness and financial service providers strengthens.
  4. PASS operates efficiently and sustainably.

Our Success

Since its inception, PASS Trust has become a very important bridge in enabling farmers, livestock keepers, fishermen, stakeholders of forest products, and various entrepreneurs in the value chain, especially those whose guarantees are not sufficient, to benefit from the opportunity of financial loans provided by various banks in the country.

Our Vision

PASS is an innovative Agri finance development institution that improves the quality of life for small scale agribusiness entrepreneurs.

Our Mission

To facilitate access to financial and business development services for agribusiness entrepreneurs in Tanzania.