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Normal Traditional Guarantee

These are guarantees for which PASS Trust is directly involved in the credit facility underwriting process after independently appraising and approving the borrower’s financed project or business. The assessment includes a visit to both the project and pledged collateral, along with the collection of all loan application documentation. The guaranteed percentage ranges between 20% and 60%, and special coverage covers up to 80% of projects owned by women or youth. Under normal traditional guarantee (linkage and green guarantee inclusive). PASS prepares a bankable business plan that is submitted to various financial institutions for potential funding.

Linkage Traditional Guarantee

Under this product, PASS provides a guarantee to a financial institution (primary lender) for the purpose of a primary lender providing a loan to another financial institution (secondary lender) for the purpose of later providing loans to agribusiness projects. Example: PASS Trust guarantees Bank X to secure a loan from Bank Y, where Bank X shall utilize the obtained loan to extend more lending to agribusiness projects.

Green Credit Guarantee

This product targets agribusinesses that focus on the use of green technologies and practices, adding further social and environmental value to the investment and adhering to Inclusive Green Growth (IGG) principles. The objective is to facilitate access to renewable and efficient energy use, technology for water and soil conservation, and other agricultural practices that have the potential to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and enhance the resilience of the business through adaptation to climate change. Projects falling under this category can get a PASS Trust guarantee up to a maximum of 80% of the loan amount to be secured from a financial institution.



Normal Portfolio Guarantee

Under this product, the financial institution does the full sanction processing, including client and security visits, with or without the involvement of PASS Trust. Upon approval of the facility, the lender applies for a PASS Trust guarantee. This product targets clients with loan amounts of a maximum of TZS 200 million, and the guarantee is fixed at 50%.

Digital Credit Guarantee (DCG)

This is an innovative product under portfolio guarantee designed to create a paperless environment and enable smallholder agribusiness entrepreneurs to access digital loans and digital guarantees through an integrated system of the lender and PASS Trust through mobile phones in real-time to further increase the outreach of PASS’ activities and to ensure greater financial inclusion.

Currently, the maximum loan amount under the credit guarantee is TZS 500,000 with no minimum cap and a maximum repayment period of six months. The credit guarantee percentage can go up to a maximum of 80%.

Digital credit guarantee applicants will apply for loans online from financial institutions, and when the application meets the financial institution’s criteria, the financial institution’s system will route an application for credit guarantee to PASS Trust. PASS’s system will analyze this request in accordance with pre-set conditions, and upon qualifying, it will issue an online certificate for guarantee digitally in real-time. Upon receipt of this digital credit guarantee certificate, the bank’s system will disburse the loan to the applicant digitally in real-time.