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Traditional Guarantee

PASS Trust guarantees credit facilities to partner financial institutions to enable agribusiness entrepreneurs which lack sufficient collateral to obtain loans. Clients may request for guarantee directly from PASS or through partner banks with a bankable business plan. Terms and conditions for the facilities are negotiated and agreed between the customer and respective bank, with no influence from PASS Trust. A client may apply for this product directly to our nearest branch or via PASS Trust partner bank branch in which he obtains banking services.


Portfolio Guarantee

With this product PASS Trust guarantees credit facilities as applied by qualified partner banks for their customers, either individually or in groups. Customers apply for loans from a bank and when qualifying projects fall short of security, the bank applies for portfolio guarantee from PASS Trust. The customer contacts the bank only for loan application. Guarantee cover is applied for by the bank.


Institutional Guarantee

This product enables banks and other financial institutions to provide credit accommodation to smaller banks for onward lending to their customers who are in agribusiness projects. It enables the borrowing banks to enhance their liquidity position and hence their capacity to finance their customers’ projects.