Boosting Food Availability: PASS Trust’s Impactful Investment In The Agriculture Sector

Tanzania, like many other African nations, ensures food security and availability are at the top of its priorities. Agriculture plays a pivotal role in the country’s economy, employing a significant portion of the population and contributing to both domestic consumption and exports. However, challenges such as climate change, limited access to modern farming techniques, and inadequate infrastructure have hindered the sector’s growth.

A machine prepares livestock feed for storage during the dry season. PASS Trust has guaranteed an agricultural loan for this project in Kagera.

PASS Trust’s role in securing food availability has undeniably yielded great results. Its endeavors in fighting food insecurity in Tanzania, cannot go unrecognized. In addressing these issues and boosting food availability, PASS Trust has emerged as a key player in catalyzing positive change in Tanzania’s agricultural sector by assisting agricultural entrepreneurs with loans availability of between 20% and 60% and up to 80% for women and youth of the amount of the loan from 14 concerted financial institutions in the country.

PASS Trust facilitation in gender equality and youth empowerment, has prioritized women and the youth by making it easier for these groups to access loans since most have no collateral property or finances. It is at the frontline to empower women and youth by fighting to allay the loan requirements and limits.

Adam Kamanda, PASS Trust’s Director of Business Development, addressed agricultural stakeholders and journalists at the Meeting Towards the Africa Food Systems 2023 Summit in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

It has supported women and youth inclusion in the world of agriculture by offering loans of up to 80% for these underrepresented groups. Over 1.5 million women are beneficiaries of PASS Trust countrywide. It has deeply aided in food availability in the country because women and youth are able to get loans easily and channel their agricultural power into food production.

The youth define our future by playing an integral role as the vigorous workforce of the nation; hence investing in them to back up our agricultural engine will save us from the wrath of food insecurity.

In addition, over 3.05 million people have greatly benefited from the loans that have amounted to a value of 1.219 trillion. About 532,798 agribusinesses have also reaped huge interests from the grants and as a result, sprouted a total of 2.7 million job opportunities. This is an accurate benchmark that portrays the true intent of PASS Trust for farmers and Tanzania at large.

A seaweed farmer works on the farm. PASS Trust has guaranteed an agricultural loan for this Zanzibar project.

Knowledge is power, thus instilling agricultural skills and attributes in farmers and potential key players in agriculture, is at the core of PASS Trust’s vision. In this same spirit, regular training is offered to farmers, women, and youth that mainly showcase step-by-step ways to improve food production. It pushes for more innovative and well-advanced agricultural practices, advises on where to get the best equipment, and highlights the dos and Don’ts of agribusiness. The training not only dwells on agriculture but also encourages farmers to use cashless digitized payment methods through banks or mobile apps. In the end, farmers and agribusiness entrepreneurs stand in an equipped position to improve food availability.

Worth noting among the many efforts of PASS Trust’s contribution to improving food availability in Tanzania, is the Inclusive Green Growth initiative. This movement is directly aimed at fermenting our agricultural growth by encouraging farmers to practice environmentally friendly ways that are not only realistic but also sustainable. From the inception of the Inclusive Green Growth up until December 2022, a total of 66,077 businesses have profited alongside 3,427,960 beneficiaries creating 2,712,048 employment opportunities.

Adam Kamanda, PASS Trust’s Director of Business Development, addressed agricultural stakeholders and journalists at the Meeting Towards the Africa Food Systems 2023 Summit in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

With the ever-growing demand for food because of the rapid population increase, many farmers are compelled to resort to fast but inefficient methods to bridge the gap. However, PASS Trust advises farmers for better production methods like recycling for the environment to remain safe and for man to satisfy his needs, making it a win-win situation. PASS Trust’s central role in agriculture and food availability deserves uncountable rounds of applause.

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